Kerisha L. Lumsden MSN, BSN, RN

Kerri has always had a passion for nursing as she watched her mother climb up the professional nursing ladder. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and entered healthcare as a Patient Care Technician to eventually achieve a Masters in Nursing Leadership and Management. She entered the nursing profession as an Orthopedic Nurse and gained additional experience in Pediatrics, Homecare, Telephonic Nurse Consulting, Nursing Education and Nurse Management. She has developed a talent and love for nurturing and helping others, both professionally and personally. She channeled her passion for fitness and overall health to allow for her to become a Pro Bikini Competitor and fitness model. She loves to share her knowledge and experience to help others and has turned that passion into a career as a Nurse Consultant & Integrative Wellness & Life Coach. She serves as a true asset to her clients, as she holds certifications in Sports Nutrition, Natural Holistic Remedies, and is trained in Mindfulness. She prides herself in living her BEST life NOW and makes a daily effort to walk in her truth.

She enjoys cooking, crafting, interior decorating and event planning. She loves spending time with family and friends and embraces her role of being a matriarch of her own family. She is known for her creativity, big heart and sense of humor. She prides herself in maintaining a professional career that allows for a positive work life balance while serving a purpose.

Being a child of two workaholics, Kerri is not a stranger to hard work. She also fell victim to the same cycle. In having a family and expectations of her own, she realized the importance of being able to be a successful professional while also maintaining balance in other areas of her life. As a known perfectionist, Kerri struggled with the demands of being a professional while attempting to maintain a family life that she had always envisioned. With a lot of trial and error, support, self-development, education, and training, she has been able to achieve a better work life balance and now focuses on helping others do the same. As Kerri endured and overcame being a victim of “nurses who eat their young”, she understands the importance of having the right mind-set, support and strength to achieve your goals despite the barriers. Kerri provides Interview Preparation and Coaching, Holistic Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching, and Meal Planning & Weight Management Coaching. The goal is to achieve positive and lasting results while remaining BALANCED.

“Do what you love, so that you can spend the rest of your time living”

- Kerri Lumsden


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