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September 25, 2016
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October 29, 2017

Did you know?

Did you know that “dating yourself” is actually recommended in being able to establish a HEALTHY relationship?


Don’t believe me? Read this article by eHarmony!!!


I promise that this is not an attempt to explain my “loner” ways that still have a number of my family and friends perplexed. I have always enjoyed my own company and have made it a common practice to take myself out on dates and getaways.

Think about it… how can you expect for someone to treat you the way that you want to be treated, if you don’t know how to treat yourself? Or… how do you give yourself to someone if you are not familiar with the pieces of what AND who you are giving away?

Think about the many loveless marriages and relationships, where one or both persons have decided that they are just going to worry about or act in the best interest of “themselves”… amongst all the other possible and valid reasons for a relationship to go downhill, the most unfortunate is having a negative circumstance lead you to realize that you’ve neglected YOURSELF for so long….


Is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship with someone else AND yourself at the same time?


I will be honest in saying that dating myself was MUCH easier before I started having to be a “real adult”. Once schedules, commitments, careers, family life and everything else come into play… we somehow find ourselves on the back burner….

Where eventually we BURN OUT!


Many have said it… and I will definitely agree… that loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do!


However, the art AND journey of loving yourself, allows for a healthy relationship (whenever it comes along)…. as it will truly compliment your already AMAZING and secure lifestyle as opposed to completing it.

I think this concept is increasingly relevant when considering the change of the man and woman dynamic. The previously conceived “standard role” of either sex is basically nonexistent today. Yet addressing the change and acknowledging who we really are/ or comfortable with being or NOT being… is also a taboo….


So where does that leave us?


Here is a recap of a recent “self date” which included the gym, sauna, mani & pedi, cotton candy (it was a cheat day), dinner and night away in a hotel catching up on non-work related reading. The best gift of all was …. SLEEP! I was able to reset, refresh and get back to life the next day. Sometimes, it’s just as important to know when to put yourself in TIME OUT so that you can be your BEST self when you have to get back in the game!


I’ll continue to keep you posted on my continued “self love” journey…

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  1. Chakira Whyte says:

    Perfect article….perfect time….as always….I wish I knew how you did it!!! Thank you so much for this! Thank you for everything!!!😊

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