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October 29, 2017

Fitness Journey Update

Well LOTS has happened on this fitness journey of mine. I was so busy with navigating the unexpected turns and detours, that I’ve just gotten back to keeping you up to date with it all.


I’ve competed twice and did well in both competitions. I placed in the top 10 at the WBFF Fitness Atlantic and 1st Place with the International Physique League, resulting in my Pro Card as a Bikini Fitness Angel… I still have to let that sink in when I say it out loud!

I met a women, who after picking my brain about diet and exercise, summarized her desire to look like her favorite celebrity (I zoned out at that part of the conversation)…. It brought me to this collage where I reviewed my starting point and how long it’s been that I’ve made consistent improvement.


Originally my goal was, “I just want to get back into a bikini”… which was followed by “I just want abs”….NOW  it’s “I want to look better than I did 3 months ago”… and my interpretation of BETTER changes as I do.

With all my goal setting I’ve never set a goal to be like or look like anyone other than MYSELF.

Why would I be so cruel to myself? Do I deserve the negative self talk? Is my BEST self not enough?

What we fail to realize is how interconnected every part of our being really is. If we are IMBALANCED in one area of our life (mentally, emotionally, spiritually)… it is likely to present as an imbalance in another area (physically) as well.

Do you ever look back at old pictures and remember whether it was a good or bad time in your life? Is it because you have a really great memory, or that you can pick up on something with your physical appearance that connects you to that memory?

In the picture from 8/15, I was stressed, overworked, holding on to what was, and afraid to consider what could be…. fast forward to 9/17 …  you’re looking at a peaceful, free, BALANCED, and fearless version of the same person. I would never want to imagine what it feels to be like anyone OTHER than ME right now…. because only I can appreciate the struggle it took to get here.

I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on what I’ve picked up while navigating the turns and detours of my journey. Stay tuned and feel free to contact me to submit your question or feedback for the new Advice Corner.

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