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August 16, 2016
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September 25, 2016

My fitness journey update…

I promised to keep you all updated on this fitness journey of mine. I didn’t think that I was completely prepared for just how much I would be forced to learn and still have left to learn…

So far I will admit to the common saying that “we are our worst critics”. I will even take it a step further in saying that we are downright mean to ourselves most times…


How so?


We expect so much from ourselves and often times do not give ourselves credit for being the AMAZING beings that we are.

This journey has really brought me back to the importance of reflection. Being a “get it done right now” person, I have learned to be patient with myself and enjoy the present instead of always looking ahead of it.

You may have specific or general fitness or health goals… which is a great start! Yet if you’re anything like me (where you make a plan, to make a plan, to revise a plan that you made) you have to focus on getting into the ACTION mode as opposed to continuing with the “I’m going to” or “Next week I will…”. Start small by learning about your current health status so that you know where you need to start.


How much do you weigh?

What do you want to weigh?

What is your BMI?

Have you started buying clothes because you no longer fit into your old ones (going up in size)?

Are you buying clothes to “hide” your body as opposed to “complimenting” your body?


If diet is your downfall, try using an application like My Fitness Pal, which has a really extensive food list in the database for easy searching.

If it’s exercise, start by just doing 20 minutes of an exercise at home… stairs, jog, DVD… if you’re ambitious and a Pinterest addict like myself… look up an at home routine and DO IT. Get out of your comfort zone (at home first) so that you have one less excuse for actually getting to the GYM.


Take away tips:

  1. Preparation is key…. Especially having a back up plan for when I’m not prepared.

  2. Make daily, weekly, and monthly goals… BUT focus on the most realistic first…

  3. Be honest with yourself… if I messed up, I acknowledged it, owned it, moved on and fixed it the next day

  4. Log, log, log… knowing what I’m truly eating is key, as diet is the biggest challenge of this journey.

  5. Planning means nothing if not actually executed… just DO IT!


Here are my progress pictures to date. Putting the collage together was more of a pick me up than anything else. I was getting down on myself, because like everyone else… LIFE gets in the way. It was an eye opener to realize how effective the art of reflection truly is…


I’ll continue to keep you updated on my progress and tips as I continue on this exciting fitness journey of mine!

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