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July 29, 2016
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July 29, 2016

Keeping the QUALITY in “quality time”

Let’s face it… parenting is much more complicated today and in some ways, we create our own complications by adding our own expectations.


With worrying about what kind of diet my son should be eating to whether he is learning enough, I found myself stealing away from the enjoyable aspects of parenting. Once I found a way to incorporate my worries and his interests, it allowed for our time together to be just that…OUR TIME!!!



Here you will see where we were able to incorporate the alphabet/ or our “letter of the day” with our favorite hobbies … cooking and shopping. We spent the day identifying upper and lowercase L’s while we were out and about, while also coming up with a variety of words that started with the letter, L. It was a day filled with playing, eating, shopping, and learning.


I wasn’t left with the guilt of being the “boring” mom or the “slack” mom that doesn’t contribute to his learning experience. It may take a little more thinking on my end, but in keeping true quality in quality time… sometimes it takes a little creativity!


  1. Lina(Marcela) says:

    You’re so talented. I just love how I can apply your advices to my life even when I don’t have kids but I’m a nanny and also a wife.

    • kerisha says:

      We all have different aspects of our lives that we struggle in balancing. It’s all about how we look at it and approach it. I’m glad that you find some of my trials/ errors helpful!

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