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July 13, 2016
Keeping the QUALITY in “quality time”
July 29, 2016

My secret weapon… Meal Prep


When beginning my fitness journey and gaining an understanding of how extremely important maintaining the right diet would be, I began to find information on meal planning and preparation.


I thought that it would be too much work. I associated meal prepping with the idea of professional athletes and bodybuilders. Who has time for that in real life?


The truth is, as with most other things, if you fail to plan, you’re most likely planning to fail.


Simply put, meal planning and prepping is something that we do to some degree in our every day lives. Most of us have our favorite “go to” foods that you pick up on your weekly trip to the grocery store because you have become accustomed to implementing them to some degree in your diet.

Meal planning and prepping just takes it a little step further in making sure that the RIGHT foods are being implemented into your diet. I’ve learned that if I have the right foods available, I’m less likely to find an excuse to sneak in the stuff that would sabotage my efforts.


Most parents are familiar with meal planning and prepping when you have little ones around, as we often plan ahead for their lunches or dinners. I’m a fan of freezer cooking for my little one, so I was ahead of the game once I realized that this really isn’t as complicated as I wanted to make it seem.


If you have a busy schedule, meal planning and prepping is most likely the best thing that you can implement when you’re trying to change poor diet habits or working on your health/ fitness goals.

It takes the guess work or easy slip ups out of dieting. It also allows for you to focus on living as opposed to obsessing over your next meal or snack. Blaming poor food choices on my schedule or stress level was not an easy habit to break. Yet meal planning/ prepping was a great solution in helping to break that habit quickly.


Later on I’ll discuss other diet tricks that I have figured out on this journey so far…. until then… Happy Meal Prepping!!!


  1. Lina(Marcela) says:

    I wish I could commit to this hahaha. We love chicken, there’s any week plan you can suggest us ? Thank you!

    • kerisha says:

      Try it. It will make your life easier and less expensive. Start off simple. Pick two meats that you like (and make often), make enough for the week (lunch and dinner) and put in containers (know your portions/ or calorie plan). Then play around with sides like rice, potatoes, etc…. same with vegetables. Once you have this down, add another the following week until you have built up not only a variety of home made prepared foods, but you also become familiar with your portion control.

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