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July 29, 2016
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So you finally decide to start looking for another job. You get your resume together, submit to multiple positions, and finally you get the call to schedule an interview…. now what????


What I have found in my career is interviewing for both the employer and the applicant has become so complex that it is important to touch on what so many forget. You as the applicant, are not the only person being interviewed. You have to remember to in turn interview YOUR prospective employer and boss. This, of course, requires moving from the thought process of “this is just a job” to the “this is my career” …

we will dig a little deeper into this concept at a later time…


Over the years, I have mastered the art of interviewing by understanding and reading…. PEOPLE. It seems more complicated than it truly is, yet if you take the whole “I really need this job” idea out of the process, you will realize that interviewing is two or more people skipping the small talk and getting right down to the “will we work well together” information about each other. As the applicant, it’s important to be familiar with the position that you applied for so that you can understand the basis of the questions that are being asked. Hopefully you are able to draw from your past experience in order to demonstrate why you are perfect for the position. If you’re still building on your experience in a certain area, it’s important to be able to acknowledge that you are familiar with the basis of the question and pull from personal experiences or current “in progress” experiences in order to demonstrate your ability…. Please avoid dodging the question/ or making up stories as it is a recipe for an interview disaster… trust me, I have interviewed a few of these candidates and it never ended well!


Interviewing is no longer just showing up in a nice suit and looking the part while the employer looks over your resume and request that you recite exactly what is written on the resume in front of them. Do your homework!!!

Know about the company. Ask questions about the company, position, and expectations. Keep your eyes, ears, and depending on your field… your nose ….open in order to make your own decision on whether you WANT to work there.


Lastly, leave the interview with an idea of what to expect. Employers or interviewers are always pleasantly surprised when a candidate closes out the interview in asking “do you have any reservations with my ability to successfully fill the position? or “do you have any concerns about my experience or my ability to fulfill the role?”. It allows for you as the candidate to feel out whether to expect a call or not!

Here is some helpful information on a common interview technique used by many employers:



  1. Lina(Marcela) says:

    Perfect timing. I’m currently working on my CV and those closing closing question, were the one! I never thought about it. Gracias!

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